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Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions in Bethpage

Trust the Experience at Augenstein Family Dentistry

When you come to our dentistry for a sensitive dental procedure, such as a tooth extraction, you can trust that you’ll receive professional, courteous care. Dr. Jay Augenstein and the rest of our dental team go to great lengths to make sure our patients feel comfortable, confident, and cared for while in our office.

When you come to our Bethpage dental practice with a decaying, cracked, or infected tooth, we will draw on our vast experience to think outside the box and determine what treatment options would be most beneficial to your overall dental health. If extractions are necessary, we can perform them proficiently.

If you are in pain, or if you have been told that you need a tooth extraction, call (516) 589-7729 and schedule an exam.

Why Choose to Pull a Tooth?

Tooth extractions are sometimes necessary, but they are not always the best option. You should only ever choose to work with an experienced dentist when deciding whether or not to extract a permanent tooth.

In most circumstances, a tooth must come out if:

  • The tooth is cracked or chipped in a way detrimental to the root or teeth around it
  • The tooth is decaying and infection may have spread to the bone below it
  • The tooth has died at the root base and infection has begun to set in
  • Your teeth are overcrowded and painful or causing chewing, speech, or bite problems

There may be other options to a tooth extraction, but if it is determined that pulling a tooth is most beneficial, Dr. Augenstein will explain what the procedure entails, how to properly care for the extraction site, and other options that may be available post-extraction. We can provide dental implants, crowns, or other replacements for the extracted tooth that will blend in with your existing teeth, reduce discomfort, and improve aesthetics.

If you are experiencing any pain in the roots or nerves of your teeth, gums, or jawbone, we recommend that you schedule an exam right away with our dental professionals. At Augenstein Family Dentistry in Bethpage, we offer accommodating office hours, as well as same-day emergency services, pediatric dentistry, and preventive care.

For more information on how our Bethpage dental team can help you, call us today at (516) 589-7729 and schedule your next visit.

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